It is the foundation that determines the kind of building one intends to put up. On the other hand, faith is the basic foundation upon which our Christian experience is built. There is no Christianity without faith (Romans 1:17).
Faith is the pursuit of any believer to know and trust God by leaving in total submission to his will. In otherwise, we are talking of total reliance / dependence on God.
Two key things come up in this definition – KNOWLEDGE and TRUST. To have faith in God one needs to have the knowledge of what God has said concerning his/her life and based on what God has said concerning his/her life. Trust fully in God that He is more than able to do that which He has said concerning his/her life.
According to Number 23:19, faith is knowing that God will do what He has said He will do and acting on it. Faith therefore begins with a knowing and ends with a doing. Faith is the mystery of engaging the word of God and to enforce the delivering of destiny. God has said something about your life but you’ve got to engage the word of God to see what God has said concerning your life.
In Hebrews 11:1, faith is summarized as “confidence based in evidence”.  You should have confidence that God has said something concerning your life and the evidence is the word of God and because He has said it, you are confident that He will surely glorify himself in your life
Faith is moving God into our situation. Our response to the challenges of this life depends on our measure of faith in the Lord.
If you have faith in the Lord, (i)you will know the source of your miracle; (ii)you will never be discouraged by what people are saying (Your faith must be well grounded) and (iii) you will be confident that Jesus is the answer to every situation that comes your way.
As Christians, we should know that with God all things are possible. Have faith in the Lord. Know that Jesus is the answer and capable of making a difference in your life.

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