Bible Text: Mathew 28: 16-20

In this Gospel, Jesus had a significant teaching ministry and enlists his disciples to continue that ministry. A Christians, Jesus has sent us all to the world as disciples and children are also included.

When the marching orders were given, Children were not left out. The Bible gives us examples such as the story of David who was used by God to save their people. As parents, our responsibility includes setting good examples for children by teaching the young ones to witness to people for them to follow Christ. Parents must continue the discipling process by teaching their children to evangelize to their peers. Parents must remember that Children are also called to witness.

Children can invite their peers to church and also talk to them about saving the grace of God.
They can use resources such as the “Gospel hand” song taught at Children’s Service and other materials to witness for Jesus and talk about Him, too to others.

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