February 9, 2014
Passage: 1Samuel 13: 8- 15, 2Timothy 2:3 – 13

Patience is the ability to accept delay or disappointment graciously, exercise self restraint. Impatience on the other hand will let you offer what you would not normally offer to another person. Some biblical examples of impatience include; Saul (1 Sam 13: 18 – 13) Moses (Num. 20: 2 – 12)

A woman was one day driving on the motorway in very slow traffic, she decided to cut corners by driving on the shoulder of the road as other drivers were doing, this was not right. But she wanted to beat the slow traffic, a little further ahead of her she realized the policemen were stopping all drivers that were driving on the shoulder of the road, immediately she picked her phone and pretended she was talking to someone on the phone, when she got closer to the policemen, an officer stopped her and questioned her asking why she was driving on the shoulder of the road because this was a traffic offence. She denied she was driving on the shoulder saying she had to pull off because she was receiving a phone call. Beloved, this young woman as a result of her impatience in traffic, broke traffic laws, and lied to a law enforcement officer.

I was driving in traffic one day when I had to stop because the light was red, oncoming traffic from my left hand side was freely moving I was tired of waiting and decided to cross the red light, as soon as I crossed the light other motorist began to call out to me and say “look at what you are doing as a pastor” I realized they recognized me as a minster of the Gospel because I was in my collar. Brethren, it pays to be patient in life and wait on the Lord in all situations because, our actions reflect on us as individuals and what we stand for in society. Patience is a virtue we must all learn to have.

Remember that no matter how long it will take the Lord will surely fulfill his promise. We can develop the character virtue of patience by abiding in Christ, and let us have faith in God’s ability to take excellent care of us. May the lord allow us to bear the character virtue of patience, in Jesus name Amen.

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