August 31, 2014
Passage: 1Corinthians:9 - 10, Galatians 2:21, Psalm 135:1-3

Grace is God’s unmerited favour. It is all the good gifts we enjoy freely in life. It is God’s goodness to us, which we do not deserve. Grace is the enabling power from God to do the extra ordinary. Grace is a position changer, changing a prisoner’s clothes to that of a minister’s.

Grace is a transformer. It is redemptive. It is the spiritual power and energy that propels the Christian to be more than a conquerer. Grace is the empowering presence of God that enables us to be what we were created to be and do what we were created to do.

It is only grace that has brought us to where we are. We are what we are because of grace. Beloved,may that uncommon divine favour be your portion. Let us hold on to God’s favour because it is sufficient for us. The grace of God is indeed with us because we do nothing by might or power, and we ought to thank the giver of Grace ( God). Beloved, without grace, there would be disgrace. There are some battles we do not need to fight. We must be patient in the face of opposition because only God has the final say. And His grace would see us through.

Also, beloved, we must take seriously, instructions that come from God. Let us endeavour to be nice to everybody because we may never know when angels will be brought our way to change our destiny.

Dearly beloved, it is only Grace that can make you reach God’s intended height. YOUR WORKS DO NOT MATTER.

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