October 25, 2015
Passage: Text: Job 42:1-6; Mark10: 46-52

The blind Bartimaeus begging was triggered by the foot step, then he heard a crowd coming and he asked what was happening, and they said it was Jesus who has come around. Have you ever felt desperate? A situation arises that seems to have no resolution; desperation sets it, and despair reigns? He shouts his confession at the risk of public shame and scorn.

Sometimes, you have to shout for help. Bartimaeus is the only man who addressed Jesus the messiah and shouted for confession. Are we ready to ignore the impediments of seeking the face of God? Are we ready to declare and recognise him as Lord even in our situations and conditions? Do you yield to God? He has done so many things for us.

Our God is a merciful God and he is with us, this is the God blind Bartimaeus called on, the crowd were shouting on him but he ignored them and continue to shout until he was heard.

The cloak was just about the only thing a beggar owned, and it was very important to him, he was confident that he would be healed. It symbolizes his willingness to leave all to be with Jesus and he knew the world was nothing except to meet Jesus. They needed their blindness healed but Bartimaeus, the son of honor, was blind, and he knew it. The disciples who wanted to be sons of honor, were blind as well, but they didn't know it. I believe what God is communicating is that we all need to ask Him to open our eyes that we may see the implications of our desires.

We need to have our eyes opened that we may see what is really important to God. Because what is important to God ought to be important to us as well. We cannot see that we are carriers of God’s power but another area where we have problem is our inability to see our perverse ways. Most times, we are troubled and harassed because we cannot see what the Lord is doing in our life and think that he has already forsaken us. Every miracle of healing the Lord preformed was designed to give us an analogy to the spiritual healing we need. We are blind and deaf to spiritual things, we are lepers alienated from God, we are dead in our sins, we are lame unable to walk the Christian walk; we need the touch of Christ in our lives to heal us spiritually. Not only were this blind man's eyes opened physically, they were also opened spiritually as well. Our God is a compassionate God.

After seeing the Lord in His glory, we can then say like , Job in Chapter 42:5. I have heard of you by the hearing of the ear; but now my eyes see you. As we focus on Christ who can brighten our sight, then we can see Jesus in His glory.


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