May 22, 2016
Passage: Psalm 8, 2 Corinthians 13:11-14, John16:12-15
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What is trinity? One God who eternally exits as three persons - father, son and holy spirit - and each of the three persons is fully God. Our God is in three persons. The holy spirit is a person but does not have a body but He can feel and can have hurt.

The three things that can be said

  1. God is three persons
  2. Each of the three persons is God
  3. God in One (Genesis 3:1)

Within God, there are three divisions but work together. These three has been working together since creation. In the name of God: father, son and the holy spirit must be pictured in your mind when praying and saying the Grace. One Lord, one Faith, one Baptism.

At creation there was God, who spoke the Word and the spirit who brood over the word. At creation the trinity was God. John 1:1 defines that Word as Jesus Christ, completing the idea of the Trinity at creation.

Jesus is the Logos. Many a times people rather focus on the Remar which was spoken by the Prophets of old and is still spoken by some prophets of our time. However, the Remar being referred to actually draws from the Logos. Hence, we should learn to trust in Jesus.

What can not be said
The son is not to be subordinate to the father in function (Romans 1:3-4). Jesus has been Son from eternity. At every move the trinity work together. There is eternal relationship that has existed between them and there is also some inter-relatedness (father, son and holy spirit). The father, son and the holy spirit has glory in the relation and bring them into even more higher glory. Jesus has been Son from eternity but was made manifest to us to know Him as the Son through His resurrection from the dead. We are to live a life that represent the trinity. In the trinity there is respect and sincerity. In their relationship, they are also open to each other. God is calling us into that symbiotic relationship.

God is mystery. In light he is inaccessible, he is holy as well and the trinity exist.

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