March 27, 2016
Passage: Luke 5:1-5

Luke 5:1-5 captures the encounter between Peter and Jesus Christ which led to Peter’s call to apostleship. Chapter 4:36-37 indicate that due to the miraculous works of Christ, his fame had gone through the whole country. This attracted many people who sought to listen to His teachings. So, Luke 5:1 tells us that as He stood by the lake of Gennesaret preaching, the crowd was pressing hard against him to hear the word of God. A need was created out of this situation and looking around, Christ saw two boats whose owners were out washing their nets. He jumped into one of the boats and requested of the owner to push it a little away from the shore. This was Peter’s boat which Christ needed to serve divine purpose. After preaching, Jesus turned His attention to Peter and told him to launch out into the deep. Peter rightly noted that they had fished all night but caught no fish. However, at the word of Christ, he complied and to his greatest surprise, he caught so much fish.

Beloved, many of us I believe have encountered the phrase: ‘launch out into the deep’ and the impression for most of us has been “deep water fishing”. Allow me to present a rather different perspective to the phrase.

First of all, we need to note that we are dealing with a biblical language and not regular English. The Bible normally refers to the sea as the deep. Genesis 1:2 refers to the whole water mass at creation as the deep.

Secondly, a background survey of the New Testament era reveals that the commercial fishing industry in Palestine employed two kinds of fishing; the cast nets and drag nets. The cast nets was used in shallow water, whereas the drag nets involved two boats holding two ends of a net which they cast into the water and sailing in opposite directions, they drag along to shore.

Luke 5:7 helps us in the conclusion that Peter actually did shallow water fishing since he had to call on another boat to assist him carry the catch after obeying Jesus Christ.

What we seek to establish is that, there is nothing impossible with God. Peter went fishing all night and caught no fish. Christ Jesus came his way seeking his assistance which he willingly offered despite his disappointment and scarcity. By this assistance, Christ was able to fulfil His heavenly purpose. This is the time that Christ focused on Peter’s needs. Jesus told Peter to launch out into the same sea in which he fished all night with not yield. But this time around, the power of convergence was activated by Christ’s word. The fish that had scattered far away began gathering up for Peter because Christ had spoken. Peter didn’t have to go toiling again. He only had to obey and the same shallow water yielded bountifully. After meeting Peter’s physical needs, Christ called him to be His follower. Such a high and noble calling also indicates the power of convergence causing the abundance of grace and favour over Peter.

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