December 2, 2018
Passage: 1 Chronicles 29:12, Psalm 50:7-15
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Giving is a command of God in Scripture. What is your attitude towards giving to the Lord?

In Mark 10:18-22, we read about the attitude of the rich young man. This rich young man wanted to go to heaven and he lived an upright and moral life. His money, or how he viewed it, was a hindrance to him. His wealth had blinded him. Jesus told him to go and sell what he had. Why?. Jesus knew this man had the wrong attitude towards money. The rich young man turned and walked away sad. He loved his money more than he loved the Lord. Beloved, if we have this kind of attitude, we will lose our soul.

Secondly in Acts 5:1-2, we learn about the attitude of Ananias and Sapphira. They lied indicating they had the wrong attitude towards money. "which is worse, to lie to God or to rob God?" - Malachi 3:8. Then in Acts 4:36-37, we read about the attitude of Barnabas. This is the kind of man we should strive to imitate. We should be free-hearted, liberal givers and good. Why did Barnabas do this good deed?

He had a wonderful attitude of giving. We should always have a good attitude toward giving. Reading about Barnabas should give us a much stronger desire to give generously. If you do not enjoy hearing sermons on giving, then your heart is out of tune with God.

Mark 12: 41-44 talks of the attitude of the Poor Widow. As a Christian, you would not be embarrassed if you gave liberally and sacrificially as the Poor Widow did. If we would all give liberally as God has prospered us, our blessings would increase with the days.

In 2 Samuel 24:24 we read about the attitude of David. How l wish we all would have this type of attitude. David to Araunah, said, "...l will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God which costs me nothing." We ought not to be giving God our "left-overs." Malachi 1: 6-14.

Every single one of us needs to re-evaluate our giving.

Psalm 50 says we should offer sacrifices in a spirit of humble worship. The offerings He accepts are those based on Thanksgiving, Obedience and complete Faithfulness.

To conclude, the question to ask is what is your attitude towards giving?
l hope you brought your offering from home with a heart of Thanksgiving. Are you giving as God has prospered you?

God looks at the heart before releasing His blessings. Our giving should be motivated by a heart of Faithfulness.


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