January 26, 2014
Passage: Isaiah 9:1-4, 1Corinthians 1:10-18, Matthew 4:12-23

Jesus started his ministry by preaching the gospel “repent of your sins the kingdom of God is at hand”.

Christ ministry was in three (3) aspects:

  • Teaching – it shows his concern for understanding.
  • Preaching- it shows his concern for commitment.
  • Healing- it shows his concern for wholeness.

Christ first came as a son but he will come again as king and a ruler. The good news preacher is a great thinker.


As Christians today, we are the salt that preserve our society. Let’s propagate the word of God at anytime and anywhere we find ourselves. Here is quite a few couple of examples between a Kingdom thinker and a Local thinker.





  • We are building a great church.
  • We are taking the rule of Christ to the world.
  • What you are in the church is most important.
  • What you are in the world is most important.


In our daily lives as Christians we face some challenges such as ; fear, lack of preparation, impatience, persecution, inability to set good example, but irrespective of these challenges we must each day prepare ourselves for the Lord’s use by studying the Bible, fasting and prayers. If we do all these there would be reward for us and our sins will be forgiven.

There should be no division among us because Christ is not divided and there is none who is bigger than God, He never promised us that the journey will be easy, but his Grace and mercy will sustain us. Give the good news to the Lost just us the apostles did and take the blessings.

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