November 25, 2018
Passage: 2 Sam 23: 1-7
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There is a reward for everything that we do here on earth. Your reward is directly linked to the effort that you put in. The possibility of seeing our creator and being judged as faithful servants is largely dependent on us.

In 2 Sam. 23: 5, David confirms the goodness of God if we remain faithful. Staying faithful to the end will however not come on a silver platter. The people you least expect will oppose you because of your new role or position, or achievement.

1 Sam 19 says Saul attempts to kill David. The anointed one of God, David virtually had to be on the run for a long time. Remain focused when you get to know the people who oppose you that you least expect, you may miss your reward at the end of the day. The decision to remain faithful will bring us face to face with the principles of this world as against God’s.

To stay faithful to the end, it sometimes requires very difficult decisions, including leaving vengeance totally to the Lord. Your own household may instigate and plan your downfall. You will not be insulated from the temptations of this world, despite your preparedness to remain faithful to the end. The journey to remain faithful will require us to have a forgiving heart.

Faithfulness is not an event, it is a journey. For example, church attendance, prayer life, tithes and offerings, morning devotions, jobs, families, etc

Remaining faithful is a conscious choice that we make. Make up your mind that no matter what happens, you will remain faithful to the end and never give up on God.


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