July 19, 2020
Passage: John 15:1 - 7
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Jesus the Vine

As is usual of Jesus, He teaches Kingdom truths using farming principles. A vineyard is an orchard of grapes. The grapes are used to produce wines, raisins etc.

The grape is a climbing plant. And without the support, they will just be on the ground and cannot produce fruit.

Being Part of Jesus
If you are part of Him but are not producing fruits, He lifts you up to be in a position to produce fruits. If you are producing fruits, he prunes you for more fruit production that is removing anything that inhibits growth. This requires disciplining

Fruit production is not your effort. Production of fruit is not one's personal effort. God doesn’t need performance. He wants us to do is to be embedded in Jesus and the fruit will come naturally.

That is why it is the fruit of the Spirit, not your fruit. Just be in Jesus and the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23) will be produced and you become more like Him.

Being a branch of the vine effortlessly produces the fruit because the vine produces all the nourishment. A branch is a part of the tree. You can only produce if you are a part of Jesus. It means being born again. Without Jesus, we can do nothing

In John 15: verses 5 and 6; Jesus said apart from me you can do nothing.

Not being in Jesus is described as a branch not attached to the tree. That branch is eventually burned. The greatest decision in your life is to repent of your sin and accept Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour and remain in Him.

Jesus has paid the ultimate price to redeem us from hell. We, therefore, need to accept this redemption by faith.

Abiding in Him means a relationship and developing a relationship with Him. The branch that is attached to the tree takes in the same nourishment as the tree and therefore produces the same fruit as the tree.

Being more like Christ means being God-focused and changing the way we evaluate ourselves based on the Word not on world, having no fear. Being prayerful and yearning for fellowship, compassionate, truthful, obedient to parents etc.

Becoming more like Him is a process, it is a continuous process. Paul says he forgets the past and pressed on toward the mark Phil 3:14.

That requires subduing the flesh and crucifying it to overcome the daily temptations of the flesh. But Jesus is with us in this process - Gal 2:20.

May God, the Vinedresser, help us to become like His Son, the vine in the name of Jesus


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