May 17, 2020
Passage: 1 John 1:8
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Dear Parents and Guardians

Asomdwoe nka mo.

We are continuing our teaching on forgiveness with the children, and in today’s lesson, we present the woman accused of adultery, who was forgiven by Jesus because no one could cast the first stone. The video lesson is provided for the children along with an activity sheet with learning points of the lesson and some work for all the ages.

Kindly click the links below to download it for the children.

Your feedback on their exercises will be appreciated if you send it to

The teachers will love to know how the children are appreciating what is being sent to them so we can evaluate and improve. Kindly send any feedback to us by WhatsApp on 024 272 9054 or by email to

All the best in the new week.

God Bless and give You His Peace🙏🏾

Message from the teachers

Assignment for the children
Activity Sheet - 17.05.2020

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