April 3, 2015
Passage: Isaiah 53:1-12, Hebrews 4:14-16, John 19:17-30

Christ died in our stead. He suffered pain for us so that we would be set free. For our sake, He was betrayed, denied and falsely accused. A crown of thorns was pushed down on his head. He was forced to carry a heavy cross and die a disgraceful death.

Jesus, the very same person who was the spring of life, proclaimed that He was thirsty. Jesus the one who held the whole world could not carry the cross. He who was the source and giver of life died. All these happened because of us. He died so that we could appear righteous before the throne of God.

Jesus sought to set an example for us. He sought to teach us how to suffer. We also need to move out of our comfort zones and suffer like Christ did - in all spheres of life as parents, workers and even citizens of our country. He needs us to show the world his love- to show them that He died for all of us. Strive to be the medium through which someone experiences the unconditional love of Christ.

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