October 18, 2015
Passage: Isaiah 53:4 – 12, Mark 10:35 - 45

The grace of God is the giving of himself to die for you and I. The grace of creation – we are special, God created us last because he loves us passionately. No life will be sustained without the special grace of God, it is the grace that restrains evil. His grace keeps us in check. Do not rush in judging others because we are all not perfect. God supplies us with that word grace and without that grace we are like the dry bones Ezekiel spoke about, but this bold and priceless blood brought us back.

The mission of salvation is the grace of God giving himself to die for us. Man is so special among his creature because of the grace of creation. There is nothing God cannot do for us; there is a blessing that gives us food which is the sustaining grace; there is a blessing that stops evil and problems which is the restraining grace of God; another one is the saving grace of God (1Tim. 1:15). All of us are sinners and the Lord has saved us with his blood. When the grace comes on you, you will be saved by God. We pray to be prosperous all the time but we forget salvation, prayer must be the things that will equip us. Salvation is not in anyone but only God.

John made a special request with his brother that they wanted to sit on both sides of God’s hand. Jesus asked will you be able to drink the cup I drink from and they said yes because they didn’t know what they were talking about. Other disciples were igniting because they also wanted to occupy the position John and his brother had. In God’s kingdom we please God and serve others.


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