July 1, 2018
Passage: Mark 5: 21-43

It is a fact of life that sickness is the great interrupter of life. It comes in without knocking, thwarting all plans of mankind, and diminishing hope for the future. It intrudes like a thief in our home, affecting every part of our lives. Such an interruption or event occurred to a woman in Jesus' time. For twelve (12) years, long years had suffered. She was looking for relief, restoration, health, and good life. She hopes it is only Jesus Christ who can heal her. She had every reason to want to be healed. Her sickness, as any other sickness, had a profound effect on her. That woman felt the losses caused by her illness everyday:
1.   Loss of control - her body was out of control.
2.   Loss of identity - she became defined by her illness, "the bleeding woman."
3.   Loss of place in society - that sickness put a strain on her relationships; she was not able to be in public places.
4.   Loss of resources - she had spent all that she had, yet did not get better but rather grew worse.
She became financially bankrupt, and physically weak. She was beyond human help and hope. She was at her wit's end. As a last resort, she comes to Jesus hoping against hope that He could heal her. She was desperate enough to try anything. Sickness makes us do some strange things, doesn't it? Pain can equally make us desperate.
A synagogue ruler named Jairus asked Jesus to come and heal his seriously ill daughter. Seeing that the man had faith, Jesus set off for his house. On the way, they were interrupted by a sick woman described above, who believed that if she could only touch Jesus' clothing, she would be healed. Jesus knew that someone was seeking His help in this way. He therefore searched for the woman so that she might show her faith openly and be healed completely.
Jairus' faith was tested when he heard that while Jesus was healing the woman, his daughter had died. Jesus responded by working a greater miracle than expected, for He brought the girl back to life. The faith of Jairus made his daughter to live again. Jesus is passing this way right now! Coming near to Jesus will not bring healing. Touch Him with your prayers. Believe that He will heal you right now. Jesus Christ is able to resurrect or bring to life; everything that is dead in your life, marriage, business, relationship, worship life, Jesus will give life to everything dead in your life. Take your problem, whatever it may be, to Him in prayer. Tell Him about it, hold nothing back! Believe with all your faith that He cares what happens to you. As Jesus stopped for that woman, He will stop for you too. Don't miss the miracle!  
Remember, Jesus is the conqueror of death. Amen

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