April 6, 2014
Passage: Ezekiel 37, John 11:17-26

The spirit of the lord was with Ezekiel and took him to the valley. God told Ezekiel to prophesy to the dry bones. Let the wind blow; that was the second command God gave to Ezekiel. What situation do you think is hopeless in your life? The spirit of the lord is prophesying into it this day. Jesus told Martha I am the resurrection and the life, your brother will come to life, the dry bones must live again. When Christ talked about the resurrection and life, Jesus was not talking about the future but rather the present. If you are a Christian you have only one death and that is the physical death, and the second death will take you to the eternity. Jesus said to Martha, “do you know I am the power that raises the dead”. Jesus has said he has covenant with us. Acknowledge God with everything you have and little by little he will come and dwell in you. If dry bones would listen to God what is it in your life that you cannot prophesy into it?

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