November 23, 2014
Passage: Isaiah 6:1-9 John 4:21-24


Worship is mostly seen as type of Music which is limited to specific geographical location.
Worship is also misconstrued as something we do to gain personal benefits. Most people think it is about what you want to give to God. It is seen as a part of our lives. As something which is supposed to be part of our entire life.


Worship is an act of paying religious reverence and homage to God in thought, feeling or act. It is an expression of our love to God. (Matthew 23:37-38) Dr. Rick Warren


An object of worship(who are you here to worship), we must not allow anything to replace the worship of God because the object of worship must remain the primary focus of the worshipper. Exodus 20:5(That God is a jealous God)

We are Gods objects of worship and thus what belongs to God must be giving to God and to God only. To maintain focus you must be a hardworking worshipper. One of the things God will not do is to worship himself (John 1:21-24).

You should have a relationship before you can worship him. Worship is a relational activity. There must be a relationship between the worshipper and the object of worship.Worship is an activity - our feelings and thoughts, reverence and love to God in worship must also be expressed through our actions

What must you express?
We express worship to God in veneration, adoration, homage, love, praise etc. We must express love to God with everything about God.
Worship is therefore what we are giving to God and not what we receive from him. Worship is for the benefit of God and not for ourselves.


Postures and Gestures (Isaiah 6) bowing, kneeling, prostrating, lifting up of hands are some postures used in worship etc. Our outlook dressing and decorations (pictures and arrangement and cleanliness etc) are also other postures.
The six Characters of worship are

  • Invocationalits
  • Revelational(John1:14)
  • Convictionalits
  • Transformationalits
  • Invitationalits
  • Dedicational

Cooperate worship is an activity that draws us into a relationship with God. The worshipper receives strength from God and has joy in all its fullness. Halleluyah! Praise God for worship!

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