November 30, 2014
Passage: Romans 12:1-2, John 4:19-24

The purpose of God for our lives is to “bring pleasures to him”. Anything that will make God happy is an act of worship. Anything that brings joy to God is an act of worship. There are some worships thus that not praise God (John 4:23). If you succeed in worshiping God in truth and spirit you are bringing joy to God.

Accurate Worship

Worship is accurate if it is based on the truth of scripture and not our opinion of God. Who do you say Christ is? Every Christian must answer this question honestly. To worship in truth means to worship God as he is truly revealed in the bible, worship is authentic. Real worship happens when your spirit responds to God, not to a musical tone (Romans 12:1-2). Music is supposed to connect our spirit to God’s own.

Effective Principles of Worship

There are three (3) Principles of dedication (Romans 12:1) we must know and surrender to God pleasure and not yours.

• Worship is a voluntary (dedication of your life to God). To offer your bodies (Romans 12:1) we offer ourselves voluntary not under any obligation in our worship to God.

• Worship is a practical dedication of your life to God. Offer your body not your spirit and your own body does not belong to you, for God has bought you with his blood so use every part of your body to glory God who own your body.

• Worship is a complete dedication of your life to God. A living sacrifice can however crawl off the altar.

The Principle of Insulation

This is to insulate you from the negative and sinful influence of the world. It is Insulation and not Isolation. Be transformed by changing your mind. Joy and peace are achieved when we worship God.

Three (3) reasons why we should live for God’s pleasure are;

• Living life of worship is God’s good will for you.

• Living life of worship is God’s pleasuring will for you.

• Living life of worship is God’s perfect will for you.


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