Declaration Service: Finish the race; Run to Jesus
April 1, 2019
Passage: Proverbs 18 : 10

In 1968, from the Mexico City Olympic Games, came the account of the marathon. A runner from Africa, Tanzania called John Stephen Akhwari fell during the race, but continued to run. Long after the winners had finished and received their medals and the crowd was almost gone, this runner appeared toward the finishing line. A news reporter approached him and said, "You didn't have to do this." The runner answered, "My country didn't send me 9,000 miles here to just start the race; they sent me here to finish." I challenge you all believers to run with endurance, the race that you have set before you.

How can we finish the race of life? We need to run to Jesus!

To be in Christ is to step into a new order of life, the life with Christ changes our order of life. If you run to Jesus, you have stepped out of the world. It is not possible for the life you had led before meeting Jesus to be the same. If Christ steps into your life, something must change (2Cor. 5 : 17). If you go back home from Church and continue the old order of your life, you have not encountered Christ.

The signature of Christ is upon every changed life. It is not possible to continue the same old life of living with the signature of Christ still on you. Your Christian journey begins when you are truly in Christ. Every other thing becomes religious or social.

The question is not whether what I am doing is right or wrong, the question is, "does it make me look like the Christ?" What do people see and say of you when they come in contact with you? There are many, the moment you see them, you see the flesh. Being in Christ means that Christ is the first in your life. And that leaves a first good impression on the minds of people when they get in contact with you.

It is possible to be in the Church and not in Christ. There are many in the Church today who are not in Christ. Those who find it difficult to be in Church, struggle to be in Christ. Nobody ever got his/her prayers answered just because they came to Church. Nobody ever went to heaven because they were in Church, people go to heaven because they are in the Christ. You must know if you are really in Christ, and if you are not, you know as well.

Do not pretend, be real! Not everyone in the Bible made it into the Hall of Faith (Hebrews 11). We could say that the Bible also has a Hall of Shame.

At the final judgment. Christians will be weeping tears of shame, because of what they did not do for Christ on the race - course. They did not finish the race set for them. My brother, my sister, Finish the Race!

The first King of Israel, Saul, should have finished the racecourse, but he did not. He focused more on pleasing the people than on pleasing God. The wisest man who ever lived, Solomon, should have finished well, but he did not. He focused more on foreign women and their gods. But as for you, finish the race!


As you run to God, these are the promises for your lives;
1. God will lift you up from discouragements and disappointments.
2. God will hear you when you call.
3. God lead you to your victory and success.
4. God will crown you with prosperity and favor.
5. God will elevate you above your enemies.
6. God will heal you from your illness and all infirmities.
7. God will restore you to a better position in life.
8. God will select you for honor and promotion.
9. God will protect you against Satan and his demons.
10. God will envelop you and your family with His blessings, and be your defence and refuge.

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