February 2, 2014
Passage: Genesis 24:1-19


Throughout this week at our fire on the Altar program we have talked about being Under the Divine

Favor of God. Today we want to look at being under the divine favor requires that you become divinely

identified. Everyone in life desires to be identified wherever we find ourselves. How you identify

yourself is what defines your glory. You enjoy your possession when you are divinely identified. Rebecca

was divinely identified by the servant of Abraham. God is ever ready to identify us with his divine favor,

but you need to be dutiful in all your responsibilities and ways, coming to church, mid week services,

etc. God does not change, he is the God of Abraham, he does not fail and his promises are yes and

amen. Our God never fails and he will answer your prayers. Position yourself by being dutiful and you

will be answered. Also to position yourself ignore the negative comments around you and you will be

divinely identified. Ignoring negatives will bring restoration into your life.


May the good Lord grant us a good speed in all our dealings?

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