December 28, 2014
Passage: I Samuel 7:3-13

Ebenezer is usually associated with God's help in the past and the hope that he will continue to provide for us and protect us. Ebenezer means stone/rock of help. Christ is our spiritual rock (1 Corinthians 10:4) The Israelites had rocks of refuge at different parts of their story- Mizpah, Gilgal, Bethel,

Mizpah means watchtower. The Israelites had gathered a set of stones to serve as a watchtower for the people, per the Lord's instructions. At Mizpah, the enemy brought back the ark. We are to see it as a call to return to God.

Gilgal represented the first stones of help that the Israelites set up. They took the stones from the river bed after they had crossed River Jordan. It was to signify their deliverance from the Egyptians. The Israelites had their first Passover after this deliverance. They also circumcised all the males to signify the rolling away of all the negativity/ reproach associated with their suffering in Egypt.

Bethel was the stone of help that Jacob found. It was a refuge for him and it was manifested as a ladder leading directly to God. It also comforted him when he was afraid and confused.

Jesus Christ continues to be our watch tower and our refuge today.

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