May 10, 2015
Passage: Revelations 2:1-7
Many of us think that once our names are recorded in the records of the church, we are automatically members of the church. The biblical meaning goes beyond that. 1 Peter 2:9 highlights this biblical meaning.
The first thing to note is that the church is not a building. It is an assembly/gathering of people who have been called out of darkness into the light of God.
It is important to note that we don't become Christians by virtue of birth or by associating yourself with Christians. It is by believing in Jesus Christ and accepting him as our Lord and Saviour, and also through baptism.
Matthew 27:37-39 known as the Great Commandment and the Great Commission in Matt 28:19-20 highlight five reasons why God established his church:
  1. To worship by loving God with all our heart, soul and might
  2. To minister by loving our neighbours as ourselves
  3. To evangelize by making disciples of all nations
  4. To fellowship with one another by baptizing them in the name of the Trinity
  5. To disciple one another by teaching one another all that he has commanded us.
Hebrews 10:25 encourages us to continually meet together. Let us make the effort to spend more time with God and the members of the church family.
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