June 5, 2016
Passage: Psalm 113:1-9; Job 1: 13-22; Rev 5:6-14
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If the Lord has not been on our side these past five months of the year, where would we have been by now? The Lord has been faithful to us. Let's join the Psalmist in saying Blessed the Lord of my Soul.

In whatever situation we find ourselves in, we ought to praise the name of God. Those who have experience Jesus can testify that He is alive and blessing us each day (Psalm 34:8....taste and see that The Lord is good).

We as Christian are commanded to exalt the name of the living God at all times. Exaltation is not thanking God, it is not petitioning God, it is not complaining. It is giving God our total worship. Telling God who he is and how great he is (he most powerful one). Exaltation means worship, absolute worship and nothing else. Our God is not comparable to an ancestral spirits or lesser known god.

What is preventing you as a Christian from exalting God, what have you lost as a Christian in worshipping God?

Job, as we were told in the readings lost everything yet he fell prostrate and worshiped the Lord. In his lost, he proclaimed irrespective of my situation, I shall not cease to exalt the name of The Lord. In his dejection, he believed that if God had been faithful to his forbears such as Abraham, Isaac etc, God will be faithful to him.

As a Christian, you may not have what you want but you have what you need. Job worshipped the Lord without complaining.

In his difficult moments, he might have relied on the following scriptures, Deuteronomy 7:9 and Hebrews 6:18 and believed that if he gave God all is worship he will receive his restoration. Job knew that God is gracious and merciful to restore his lost possession.

If we as Christians today think our situation is too bad and as a result cannot praise God, we should look to the Job experience. Is simple praise and exaltation too difficult a thing to do?

In this month of June and going forward, if we look to God in praise and exaltation, we will come out with testimonies.


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