August 17, 2014
Passage: Genesis 45: 1-15, Romans 11: 29-32, Matthew 15: 21-28

In Matthew 15: 21 - 28, Jesus, according to bible researchers, withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon not to preach the gospel but to rest. But there came this woman who wanted to use His coming as an opportunity to gain what her heart solely desired. That was, getting an evil spirit out of her daughter. This daughter, according to commentaries, was vexed with this evil spirit to the extent that she destroyed everything around her when let loose. This should tell us how badly she needed the Lord's help.

But upon approaching Him, His disciples told Him to send her away. Canaanites never had a covenant with God or any relationship with Him whatsoever. But this Canaanite woman, though aware of this fact still sought our Lord Jesus, knowing He was the only solution to the problem she was facing.

We must take note of three things here;

  1. The first step of great faith must break your own barrier of doubt and fear.

    Knowing that the Canaanites had no covenant with God, this woman should have feared approaching our Lord or should have even doubted His mighty power. Jesus went ahead to tell her He came for the lost sheep of Israel. And that the food of the children could not be given to the dogs. This statement indirectly classified her as "a dog", which was no complement at all. If even this ' dog' had so much faith, why then should we the heirs, the chosen generation,having a covenant with God, be in doubt or have any form of fear at all when seeking the face of our Lord? Jesus tells us that even our earthly fathers,as wicked as they can be, would not give us a snake when we ask for fish or stone when we ask for bread. This should clearly tell us that our needs would be catered for by our heavenly father provided we exhibit the needed faith.

  2. The second step of great faith says NO to NAY SAYERS.

    Nay Sayers are people who never find anything encouraging to tell us in time of our crisis. Instead they find reasons to justify why we are in such crisis.  Jesus' remarks could have discouraged the Canaanite woman. Especially when there was truth in what He said. But Instead, it increased her faith even more. We as God' s children must exhibit greater faith in our Father who can do all things and must not let certain remarks discourage us.

  3. The third step of Great Faith Persists.

    The Canaanite woman was told by Jesus that, the Father could not give the food of the children to the dogs. Which could possibly mean she couldn't be helped. But she persisted. She went to the extent of letting Him know that even the dogs could eat the crumbs that fell from the table. And that persistence accompanied with great faith, got her daughter healed at that very hour. We must understand that, if the faith that came with eating the crumbs could do such marvellous works, won't the faith that comes with eating the real food from the table do greater and more marvellous works?

As Christians, God does not want us to eat the crumbs as some of us are doing now. He wants us to eat the real deal. THE FOOD. We are His children and thus we must exhibit the faith which comes with eating from the table. We must never be discouraged or be in doubt for such faith comes with much greater and awesome testimonies. Halleluyah!

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