April 10, 2016
Passage: 1 Cor. 13:13 & Rom 5:5
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We are supposed to know these things; HOPE, FAITH & LOVE are three creative forces/principles of God that are inherent in the human spirit. They determine how man relates to God and vice-versa. No one can ever deal with God successfully or receive anything from God without them; they will never pass away nor fail or expire.

Hope is a DESIRE that's backed by the EXPECTATION that what's being desired will happen. Hope is the positive EXPECTATION of Good, it's an earnest EXPECTATION that makes one not to be ashamed - Phil 1:20, Hope is a strong EXPECTATION of a positive end – it’s a never giving up assurance founded on a superior word; power or being – Job 13:15; Job 14:7 and again Hope is BELIEVING the word of God. 2 Tim 1:12

People lose hope because of limits - age limits - Ruth 1:12 - age to have children; age to marry. Abraham in hope, hoped. When there is a Loss – money, loved one, great opportunity, heartbreaks etc. When there is a delay to an expected end – on the road to Emaus and because of Shame.

We’re born into a LIVING HOPE – through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead - 1 Peter 1:3. Our Hope is founded on God’s word – which is anchored by His Oath (sworn by Himself) - Heb 6:18-19. We hope on the basis that; - It’s IMPOSSIBLE for God to lie - God's promise is ratified by His Oath of Himself. God has tied His performance to His very existence; if He fails you, He ceases to exist.

Be Joyful in Hope - Rom 12:12. This leads you to overflowing in hope inspired by the Holy Spirit - Rom 15:13. Think in Hope – Hope as a helmet - 1 Thess 5:8. God is the saviour of all people, especially those who believe. Are you in need, know that God richly provides us everything for our enjoyment - 1 Tim 6:17.

“… may those who hope in you not be disgraced because of me…”Ps. 69:6, may He enlighten the eyes of our heart - Eph 1:18.



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