June 22, 2014
Passage: Genesis 21:8-22,Romans 6:1-11, Matthew 10:24-39

In the Bible we have 365 "fear not”s, this is a deep reverence for God (Psalm 111:10), it prepares us against danger or any unforeseen circumstance. Fear is a painful emotional distress produced by actual impending danger or disaster, worry, apprehension etc. Excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat and digestive problems are among some of the physical effects of fear.

Why do we fear? Because our trust in the Lord is not firm, letting us believe our situation is hopeless.  In Hagar’s situation, God came to her rescue when her food and drinks got finished. False prophecies, real or imaginary conditions cause fear. Don’t let fear prey on you, but rather, rely on the assurance of God that he is with you and ignoring the report of men and heartening all total trust/confidence in Jesus Christ, you can overcome fear.

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