May 3, 2020
Passage: Mathew 14:22-33
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To keep our focus on God implies that we have to fix our gaze on God. Again, it means we have to depend on God in all circumstances.

As Christians, we have to look up to God for solution at all times. However, staying focused on God in today’s ever-changing world is not easy. This is so because we have so many distractions in our world.

So how do we focus on God?

In doing this, we do not have to be distracted by obstacles.

In Mathew 14: 28-30, we notice from these verses that Peter was successful in walking on the water
but he began to sink when his focus shifted to the obstacle, that is when he saw the wind. There are various obstacles in life but focusing on them instead of God will cause us to fear, lose our faith and to give up.

Secondly, to focus on God, we need to overcome our sight with faith

Mathew 14: 30 says “but when he saw the wind, he became afraid. To overcome our sight with faith, we must let our focus always be on God. Secondly, we must look at issues with the lens of God, and thirdly we must believe that nothing is beyond God’s capabilities.

Thirdly, to focus on God, one needs to know that Jesus is a miracle working God.

When Peter realized that things are getting out of hand, he cried out; Lord, save me, Mathew 14: 30. Instead of being anxious of the situation, Call on the Lord. As a believer, do you acknowledge that Jesus is the saviour of your situation? Do you really know Jesus? Only surrendering to the miracle working God is the solution. Let us remember that we can only call on Him if we know Him.

Finally, Focusing on God will yield positive results (Math 14:31).

Again, salvation (Deliverance from evil) will be our portion if we focus on God.
Focusing on God will cause others to acknowledge the God we serve.

We have been talking about focusing on God. As Christians, let us not focus on obstacles but rather we should overcome our sight with faith. We must know that Jesus is a miracle working God.


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