September 13, 2020
Passage: Mathew 18:21-35
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Forgiveness is one of the Christian virtues which cannot be sidelined if one wants to be a matured or true Christian. God showed us His love to humankind by forgiving us our sins and reconciling us to Himself by sacrificing His only son Jesus Christ. Wherever forgiveness is practised, there is peace, love and growth, and it is one of the key expectations of every true follower of Jesus Christ (Rom 12:17)

Our forgiveness must be unlimited (verse 21). No matter how grievous our sins are when we pleased, God forgives us (verse 27). Again, when we fail to forgive our fellow humans, our forgiven sins are received (verse 28 – 29). God expects us to forgive as He has forgiven us. (verse 33)

What are the lessons to be learnt?

First of all, forgiveness is one of the best ways to show love and it must be unlimited. Secondly, God first forgave us, and we must forgive others too. Matt. 18:27.

God is highly interested in horizontal forgiveness (human to human) – verse 33). Forgiving others is the basis on which our sins are also forgiven (Matt 6:12). Forgiveness promotes peace, coexistence among fellow believers

As Christians, we must forgive wholeheartedly and do not repay evil for evil (Rom. 12:17)
The bible admonishes us to live at peace with all people (Rom. 12:17). Failure to forgive others will hinder our salvation

Every true believer must be ever ready to forgive to prove to the world that he/she is a true servant of God and it doesn’t matter how much it will cost us to forgive because our salvation is at stake.

May we continually pray for the Holy Spirit empowerment to be able to forgive as we are also forgiven.


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