March 31, 2019
Passage: Luke 15: 11-24
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The passage read to us this morning is about the Prodigal Son. There are speculations among theologians as to why the boy left his father's house. It was the belief of the Israelites that, one will inherit his father's property when he dies hence the boy left the house with the intention that his father's property will be divided when the father dies and he will get two-thirds because he was the first son and the brother will get one.

The prodigal son asked for his portion of the inheritance but not a portion of his father’s character. This is not possible because one can take the share of his father's inheritance but cannot take a share of his father's character.

Skillfulness and managerial competence are neither genetic nor hereditary. Equally, Christianity is neither genetic or hereditary (John 1:12-13). In the Prodigal son's circumstance, he did not know the money can get finished, money has the power to dictate to you.

Wealth can only be controlled by a cultivated life. It takes a man of Christ to say NO to ungodly things (Titus 2:12). Joseph succeeded through personal effort (Gen 39: 9b). The prodigal son was not ripe for that fortune – the power of money.

The ‘prodigal son's apology’ – Lk 15:21

He realized his sin by himself and took steps to redeem himself. The father received his son back AT NO COST to the son. In a similar fashion, salvation, access to God, prayer request to God remain free.

Are you free? Yes, as a Christian you are free under Christ (Gal 2:20). Every responsible person operates under authority. We need to renew our life with Christ today at no cost (Mat 11:28).

We must accept Jesus Christ today, He deals directly with each one (Jn 14:23)


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