July 7, 2019
Passage: Matt. 28:19-20

7TH JULY, 2019
Matt. 28:19-20

Follow-up ministry is an indispensable and critical segment of soul winning. Much talk has always been made on the need to spread the Good News here and now, yet, no serious attention has been given to Follow-up. Without a systematic parenting and mentoring, both new and backslidden believers may not find their feet in the faith or grow and mature in the Lord. Follow-up has been defined as, “ the process of giving continual attention to a new Christian until he/she is integrated into the Church, discovers his/ her place of service, develops his/her full potential for Jesus Christ, and to build Christ’s Church”.

A follow-up, thus begins the moment a prospective believer opts for Christ. When your target audience or listener accepts Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, God then offers you and the Church the onerous responsibility of helping him/her to become a full-fledged follower of the Master Jesus. It is very important to bring people to Christ. It is equally critical to teach, instruct and guide these people in the way of the Christian faith.
Stay Blessed and remember- “NO PARKING”.

Prayer Line

• Dear Lord, fill me with your Holy Spirit so that I may discern what you want me to do, and how you want me to do it.
• Lord Jesus, no words of thanks or praise can be sufficient for all that you have done to bring us new life. We were dead, but now, we live.
• Gracious Lord, through all the difficulties, hardships, pain and disappointments, let the power and love of your Spirit be released in us to live the life we had lost, be with us today as you were with us yesterday.
• My Lord, help me to be honest with you and myself, and the need to understand your ways. Where I see lack today, help me to respond with your love and grace.
• God of all grace, may I be a channel of your grace to others, and work to see your church being grace-filled.
• Dear Lord, delete my name from the list of failures and delays in life. I declare that all the good things I have lost over and over will never be lost again.


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