June 23, 2019
Passage: MATT. 28:19-20

23RD JUNE, 2018

God did not want humankind to continue in the state of sin, rebellion and separation and therefore, sent Christ Jesus to become the bridge to Him. In God’s presence, we will find peace, forgiveness, and abundant and eternal life. Our response should be to trust Jesus Christ and receive Him by personal invitation. Revelation 3:20; John 1:12 and Romans 10:9 explain this further. After taking the would-be convert through the above-mentioned steps, the soul winner should urge him/her to make decision for Christ instantly, if he/she is ready. If he/she does agree, whether immediately or later, you must guide him/her through the process of accepting Christ. The convert must:-
a) Admit that he/she is a sinner
b) Be willing to turn from sin-repent
c) Believe that Jesus Christ died for him/her on the Cross and rose from the grave, and
d) Through prayer, invite Jesus Christ to come into, and control his/her life through the Holy Spirit.
The moment the repentant sinner sincerely accepts Christ and prays the sinner’s prayer, the Bible says that, his/her salvation is assured.
Stay blessed and remember, - “NO PARKING.”

Almighty Lord, help me to remember that when I follow you, I stand on the side of victory. Rescue me from deep waters and help me celebrate your deliverance.
Dear Lord, I am so grateful that you have taken my place and suffered for me. I ask that you enable me to live in righteousness, to live for you by following your examples.
Heavenly Father, thank you for sending your Son and for the most wonderful way in which you chose to love me. Enable me pray, to share this love with all those who cross my way.
Oh Lord, remind me that in the moments you seem so far away, it is merely I, who am looking in the wrong direction, you are always there, my risen Saviour and Lord.
Gracious Lord, speak to me in the ordinary things of life as well as the extra-ordinary. Warm my heart as I listen to your word and send me out rejoicing.
Lord Jesus, open my ears to hear you, open my eyes to see you, open my heart to love you, and open my life to serve you.
Lord of Lords and King of Kings, may I remember all that you have done for my family and I through this year, may I rededicate my life to you now and ever.

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