June 30, 2019
Passage: Exodus 35 : 5 ; Mark 14 : 3 - 9
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Though money is needed in our life, it must not be seen as everything in life. Although God wants everything of ours; our time, talents, and treasures. He really wants our lives. He desires that we give without even a thought of getting anything in return.

Jesus rewards us when we give but that should not be the motivation behind us offering ourselves. We should offer ourselves just because He is Jesus, and we love Him. Give Jesus your best.

We must be willing to joyfully give our all to the Lord. He asked His disciples to give up their businesses and homes (Matt. 4: 19).

He asks us to take up our cross and follow Him. There is great blessings in store for His people. So why would we not be willing to offer Him whatever He asks for? And what is He asking you to give Him? He wants us to give Him everything, just because we love Him.

As we read from the widow's offering, she had offered her all because of her love for Jesus. Can we do any less? God has given us His best - His only Son, Jesus Christ. We need to appreciate it and thank God for this great gift.

Are you giving God everything He deserves? What can you learn about extravagant generosity and giving God your best from the women's gift of perfume? Are you bringing your best to Jesus today? Do you pour out yourself for the Lord? When you give your all for Jesus, He will turn your gift into a blessing for many.

Are you willing to offer all that you are and all that you have to the Lord all the days of your life? Reflect on your blessings and thank God. You are so blessed.


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