August 7, 2016
Passage: Deut. 15: 19-21; John 3:16
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Giving par excellence means giving or offering the best of its example or type you can find. When you decide to give something par excellence, you help one stand out, that, no other can reach or match up to.

Today being a day of giving, let us give in that excellent way. The best offering or giving comes wholly from the heart. People give all sorts of reasons and purposes but the chuck of giving that must be exemplary is that type which is wholly from the heart with the best of intent. We must not give merely because we want to submit or laud it over them.

As Christians, our giving must make others the best and to bring glory to God (Deut 16:19-21). The bible outlined the quality of offering that God demands from the Israelites.

There are indeed so many kinds of offering God required from the Israelites. But the description God gave of the offering is so important for our understanding for giving par excellent. First of all, the first born of the herds and flock of the Israelites should be dedicated to God. It is very critical because it is believed that the first born male is your power, authority and honour and so what it meant was that God is demanding or requiring from us the best.

They were not to be used for any human purposes. God preserved the first born male not for any purpose. The sheep or the flock was not to be shared. There was a culture in Israel called sharing sheep and it was recreational for them to earn money. God said to the Israelites do not share that sheep in any way...what I need is something that no other being is sharing with me and so preserve and sanctify these animals.

The first born of the flock and herds that were selected were without blemishes and kept for sacrifice. They are pure and clean sacrifice, sacrifices that is left without blemishes or whatsoever.

God want a wholesome sacrifice and that is what He requires from the Israelites and so He gave these qualities. First born males represent power, authority and honour thus it should not be used for any work in any way.

In John 3:16, the bible offers us an excellent gift God gave to the world- you and me. When you put them together side by side you are going to find the same qualities as God demanded from the Israelites (Romans 8:29).

Jesus Christ is the first born among all brethren and so Jesus qualifies. God made an investment into the gift he gave to the world. God preserved what he has for us and at the appointed time he made it manifest.

God gave us this excellent example in Jesus Christ so we may inherit it. We have no other example except what God had for us.

Jesus cursed the fig tree because it was not up to standard. God requires us indeed that we will be up to the demand any time we are required to give out excellence.


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