June 16, 2019
Passage: Gen 2:15-17 ; Gen 3:1-7

The church reflects the state of families which make up the church. God’s purpose is not so much to create churches but discipled families.

Lessons from the readings:
Adam failed to disciple Eve. There were gaps in passing what he knew to Eve and this was what the devil exploited. We owe it to our wives and children to make them disciples of Christ.
It’s good to come to church together as a family but it is way better to secure their wholehearted alignment in prayer on your knees and teaching them the word of God. When men fail to make disciples in their home, they lose their heritage to the devil in Genesis 3. To know how successful a man’s life is, look at what happens to their children. David was a warrior but he had a broken home record. Jacob carried the promise but his home was broken and suffered many heartaches as a result. Don’t be a successful Leader (CEO/CFO/ whatever) and fail in the Enterprise of your home. Don’t kill Goliath and yet leave your son to become an Absalom or Reuben who sleeps with their Father’s concubines. Make time for your children, correct their errors; rebuke them where need be (Genesis 49).

Abraham, our example. We learn from Genesis 18:19 that God’s testimony about Abraham must be the aspiration of every man here - he commanded his family after the LORD. This is making disciples.

No wonder Isaac obeyed and carried firewood a long distance even though the animal for the sacrifice was not in sight.

In discipling, we must teach about the knowledge/command AND equally about the authority given us by God over all things so the disciple will be grounded and not deceived.
Discipleship is not just about information (sharing) but an induction into the Authority of Christ.
This is why men go to seek authority elsewhere in the secret societies and cults, though they have the information about Christ.

Make disciples
1. Catch the purpose of God for your life and stick to it. Stick to the purpose and not money like most of us are doing now.
2. Share wholeheartedly the truth of God enshrined in your purpose with your family. First, your wife, then your children. That’s the proper order. Eve and Sarah have taught us that when there are gaps, they will be exploited.
3. Stay focused. If you fail at anything in life, don’t fail as a Father and Husband. Prioritize these roles above all else. The former is for a while, but the latter is a lifetime
a. Bear your family up in prayer always. Set time to fast and pray for and with them. It’s not so much the duration but the consistency.
b. Make time for your family. Sit, chat and laugh together.
It’s not weakness. Glue is soft first before it dries to create a bond
c. Represent God to your family and your family to God. Studying God’s word, praying and fasting together are good examples to do this.

Don’t just be like Adam just naming things (giving birth and naming kids and projects) and working (tilling the land/taking care of the garden). Your life is important than your work, assignment.

Disciple Eve or her actions will throw you both out and ruin your work and set those you have named (given identity) against you.

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