October 27, 2013
Passage: Joel 2:23-32, 2Timothy 4:16-18, Luke 18:9-14


One day, a woman bought a brand new chamber pot in a market, while she sat in a bus on her way home, she felt thirsty and wanted to drink water, at that time she had nothing to pour her water in in order to drink except her brand new chamber pot, she went ahead and pored the water in her chamber pot and drank from it. While she drank she received uncomfortable stares from the other passengers. This is because it didn't matter where the pot was whether the pot was bought from the best stores or polished with the most expensive colors, it was still a chamber pot meant for feacal matter and not for drinking water. True Repentance is as this; one has to make a complete 180 degree turn from sin. It goes beyond the personal admission of sin. It’s about letting go of sinful cherished bahaviour.

Suppose that the chamber pot in the story was sent back to the factory and remolded into a cup or plate for eating, everyone would love to eat from such a plate or drink from such a cup. God is ever ready to make a new person out of us all we have to do is to turn completely away from our sins and turn wholly to Him. He is merciful to a repentant sinner.

Make the decision to repent while you still have life. God will empower you to overcome sin when you repent. There is hope for a sinful person when you willingly and genuinely repent. Obey God and keep his commandment and abstain from evil for judgment is near.



  1. October 28, 2013

    true well, said thanks for the motivation!

  2. November 3, 2013

    that was a powerful message Rev.Anokye,may the almighty God bless you and God will be proud of you in heaven.

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