September 23, 2018
Passage: Mark 9: 33 - 37

The desire to be recognised is deeply ingrained in all humans. The way to greatness in the kingdom of God differs from the way to greatness in the kingdom of men. On the way to Capernum, Jesus Christ for-told the disciples about impending suffering and death.

When the disciples heard this, they started disputing amongst themselves. Jesus knowing all things recognised their discussions and based on this, He began to teach them the way to greatness in the Kingdom of God.

The same struggles take place in our politics, among church members and even among church leaders. How is this related to us as Christians in our quest for power and recognition?

God's way to greatness like many other paradoxes found in scriptures as well as the way to greatness in the kingdom of God is different.

From Jesus we learn that, the way to greatness is to serve and work as a servant or be servant. In Mark 9:35 Jesus's definition tells us that if anyone desires to be first great (important), then she/he shall be the least of all and a servant of all. To be a leader means service.

The greatest example found in scripture is Jesus washing the feet of the disciples. In Christendom, there is no way to be great than to serve.

Example of service
- Ministering to the poor, hungry or those in need
- Offer acts of kindness and service
- Visiting the sick or the elderly at home or the hospital

Jesus says to offer the kind of service that pleases the Lord and makes one great the virtue of humility is required. Humility is the state of not hanging too high an opinion of yourself or being modest or free from arrogance and pride.

One must have the attitude of submissiveness like children in order to be of value to the Lord.1 Peter 5:5-6, James 4:10.

Examples of humility:
-Reach out to those who are different than you especially the less fortunate.
-Gladly accept subservient roles in the church and in the community
-Warmly welcome those above and below your social status - James 2:1-4

Jesus is our greatest example. By coming down to this earth as a servant (Phil 2:5-7). Because He was humble he was highly exalted by God (Phil 2:9-11). Let us humble and submit ourselves to the Holy Spirit to be used in the service of God and we shall be considered as truly great in the kingdom of our God.

Stay blessed. Amen

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