• Having the foundational awareness of God as our father, we move on to the first declaration in the Lord’s Prayer. After recognizing God as the father, He proceeded to entreat His hearers to praise and magnify the name of the Lord. Our concentration is on “Hallowed be thy name”. To hallow means to make holy or render reverence to someone in authority. In this teaching, hallowing the name of God refers to the declaration of God as one who alone is Holy. One is therefore ascribing to God some characteristics that cannot be achieved by man. Jesus was thus teaching the disciples to know that God is unique and special and hence the need to recognize this fact in prayer.
However, it is important to note that it is not easy to hallow the name of God especially when things are not going on as well as expected.
• Can you hallow the name of God?
• When your beloved husband has passed away suddenly?
• When your spouse is seriously cheating on you?
• When your business is retrogressing?
• When you are down with sickness?
• When you are involved in a serious accident?

 Recognize who God is:
In prayer, one needs to recognize that, God is without sin and as such makes Him different from us. One needs to identify that our condition does not change who God is hence we should not only say thank you when all things are going well. Your recognition of who God is without regards to your situation means that, you know that you are in the hands of the creator and He does what is pleasing in His sight. For instance, how will others feel seeing you praising God when fire has swept away all your properties? People may think you are out of your mind, but you would be rather communicating that God is the owner of all things so you trust in Him for a bigger breakthrough. It would simply testify about how well you know the God that you are serving. Instead of focusing on the challenge, focus on God who is able to change situation.

 Recognizing what God can do:
One is recognizing that because of His holiness and who He is, He can change my story as He did for David in 1 Samuel 16: 1 -13. When you critically read 1Samuel chapter 16, you would recognize that all the brothers of David were consecrated before the ritual, however, David was not consecrated when he arrived yet He was the one declared to be the King. Declaring what God can do for you is the beginning of your miracle. What are you looking for and what are you expecting from the Lord. Christ is imploring us to hallow the name of God so as to have a change of story. May the Lord change your story because you acknowledge what He can do.

 Recognition of His character.

We have so far looked at the meaning of our father and today we have continued with hallowed be your name. As you hallow the name of God in prayer, He will surely change your situation and things will definitely get better


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