January 24, 2016
Passage: Romans 5:1-5; Hebrews 10:19-25

Last week, we learnt that our hope as Christians is grounded in Christ and that hope never disappoints. In Romans 5, Paul mentions five benefits that we derive in our Salvation in Christ:
-Peace of God- God established peace between us and himself by reconciling us to himself
-Grace of God- unmerited favour from God
-Hope of the glory of God- a general desire to achieve something, primarily to glorify God.

God created man to rule over the earth and bring glory to him. Sin dispossessed us from that glory, as seen in Hebrews 2:9. We have become subject to sin, however Hebrews 2:10 shows that we have been restored to the state of glory through Jesus Christ. There is a difference between glory and hope of the glory. The hope of the glory refers to the longing for that glory we will attain when we are finally face to face with God in heaven.  The glory we will experience on earth will come with suffering because suffering produces perseverance, which brings forth character, which in turn produces hope.

Hebrews 10:23 admonishes us to hold unswervingly to the Hope that we profess. To achieve this, the following seven steps may suffice:

  1. Pursue your spiritual rights (Heb. 10:21)
  2. Pursue your spiritual privileges (Heb. 10:21)
  3. Pursue Personal Righteousness (Heb. 10:22)
  4. Pursue the Promises of God (Heb. 10:23)
  5. Pursue mutual encouragement (Heb. 10:24)
  6. Continue in the Fellowship of the Church (Heb.10:25)
  7. Be conscious of the coming of the Lord (Heb.10:25)


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