February 15, 2015
Passage: 2 Kings 2:1-14, 2 Cor. 4:3-6, Mark 9:2-9


In the Northern part of Galilee there was a beautiful town named after the famous Augustus Ceaser and Herod Philip. This town is known as Caeseara Philippi and has a very beautiful but high mountain called Mount Hermon. Researchers say Mount Hermon is one Israeli’s highest Mountain. No wonder according to Luke 9:28-38 the disciples were tired and sleepy when they arrived. The Bible says that on this mountain, Jesus was transfigured; His clothes became shining, exceedingly white, like snow, His face shone "like the sun," as Matthew puts, and His clothes radiated a powerful snow-white light. Elijah and Moses appeared and begun to have a discussion with Jesus. Peter who can never keep quite as usual reacted ...."It is good for us to be here!" Let us build three shelters.

Moses, Elijah and Jesus need not construct their own booths for the celebration. Six days earlier, Jesus had told the disciples that the Son of Man must suffer many things, and be rejected by the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again. And this same Peter called Jesus aside to rebuke him for saying that. Jesus told Peter, “Get behind me you Satan for you don’t have in mind the things of God but the things of men”. Despite this, Jesus picks a stroll up the mountain, probably to confirm what Peter had said earlier.

After reading all the lessons spelt out in the Almanac I asked myself these four questions:
1. Why that particular setting on the mountain?
2. Why did Jesus pick those three; James, Peter and John?
3. Why did Elijah and Moses appear to him?
4. Why did Peter make such a statement-“lord it is good we are here”.
Personally, I believe the mountain symbolize any location or place where one can retreat and commune with his or her maker, without any distraction because of its serene environment.

A place where one can really feel the presence of God and the Holy Spirit. God promises to welcome those who are ready to climb the mountain because He is ready to take you into confidence and share his secret with you, and to make you a sign for your generation and beyond.

Every human being on this earth needs support, it doesn’t matter your status in society. You will need someone as your confidant, you don’t need people who will compete with you, but you need someone who will push you through. Not everyone can handle your glory, so be careful those you choose as your confidant.
When climbing the mountain, you need someone who loves you completely. Jesus loved John and John loved Jesus unconditionally...during the last super...John sat so close to Jesus like a loving cat and the owner. And just to make sure that he didn't miss a word Jesus spoke, he leaned upon His chest where he could hear even His heartbeat, and when Jesus said someone was going to betray him, Peter beckoned unto John to find out and when John quietly asked, "Lord, who is it?" without hesitation He whispers the one am going to give the bread and wine. Immediately He gave it to Judas Iscariot.

Today many have had troubles because of people they claim to love. They will show you their full teeth, and right behind you hate you with passion. May you receive grace to make right choices. May you be connected to genuine friends who will stand by you, both in times of troubles and in moments of glory.

Finally at the Mount of Transfiguration, we see Moses, the giver of the Law, discussing with Jesus how that law would be fulfilled and how the sins of the world would be paid for, then Elijah, the prophet who had preached repentance and urged the remnant of Israel to seek God's mercy and forgiveness; now Elijah was discussing with Jesus exactly how that mercy and forgiveness would be won for all mankind on the cross.
We are told God picked Elijah straight to heaven but for Moses nobody saw his grave. Both of them were mentors, encouragers, motivators, dependable men who had the future of God’s people at heart. They were there to tell him, yes you can, Jesus please don’t shake your head, remember the crown that is ahead of you, they were there to encourage him and motivate him.

How often do you see this in our church? The division is tearing the church and the society apart; some old people are so judgmental and some youngsters are so rude.

We may not have access to physical mountains but we have access to the spiritual mountain, the throne of Grace. We have the rare privilege of approaching boldly the throne of God.
Therefore ask yourself these questions:
• Do you have a Peter (solid-rock dependable friend), James (committed believer) and John who will love you genuinely and climb the mountain with you?
• Are you prepared to be a Moses, Elijah (mentor, encourager, motivator)
• Are you prepared to be Peter, James and John, ready to move with Jesus?
• If you are, then May God give your soul, spirit and body refreshing miracles, excitement, and experience that you have been longing for all this while so that u can say also it’s good to be here.
Praise God..Amen.


  1. February 11, 2018

    God bless you
    It’s good I read this and
    It’s good am here

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