April 21, 2013
Passage: John 10: 22-30

The Good shepherd (God) provides. He knows His sheep and unites them. The Good shepherd dies for His sheep and satisfies them.

Because he came to his own, His own did not receive him. He is the lamb that takes the sins of the world and He is the messiah and our salvation. Jesus said “I know you by name, I knew you when you were blood in your mother’s womb.

A good shepherd provides green pasture and water for his sheep and sees to it that they are comfortable. That is why God never stops providing for us.

Christ is the door to salvation, the door to our nourishment (John 10:7-9). He admonishes us to come to him for a better life (John 14:6). The shepherd provides protection, we are here to praise God and we are here because no matter where we are coming from we are one.
We are all one in Christ, the Hope of Glory. Our service is to serve God continually with all our heart, mind and soul. God died for us voluntary so submit to him fully.
God is the true and only GOOD SHEPHERD

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