March 23, 2014
Passage: John 4:5-42
The Samaritan woman, did not know the source from which she had asked water from, but Jesus had a clear understanding of what source from which he was going to provide the woman with water.
The Samaritan woman had a personal encounter with God through Jesus, we must yearn to experience him as the woman did. We must experience Jesus as our personal savior. Jesus is willing to offer living water to us who are ready to accept?
Our responsibility as children of God is this; we should let people know about the living water, to let people know Jesus is the only giver of living water. In our race of Life, Jesus is the only source of living water.  We should proclaim Jesus to the whole world.
  1. March 11, 2020

    Good message

  2. March 12, 2020

    I want to read the full sermon of Jesus the source o living water

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