June 26, 2016
Passage: Luke 9:57-62

Faithfulness is one of the attributes we find in The Lord. God is ever so reliable, constant. He remains the same. Because God is faithful, he requires us as Christians to also be faithful in all our dealings with him.

We see faithfulness in varied forms. In our home / office relationships, employer/ employees etc, faithful is one key attribute we must endeavor to keep. In John 3:5, the Bible admonishes us that 'Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God" By born again, it is not being born of the flesh but being of the Holy Spirit.

When we are born of the spirit through grace, the flesh will not yield to evil but rather we will be transformed and not be led astray. The moment one is able to yield to the spirit, the spirit will bear fruits in him/her.

Faithfulness commits us to a course. in Luke 9:57-62, Bible tells us that if we mean to follow Christ, we must lay aside the thoughts of great things in the world. Let us not try to join the profession of Christianity with seeking after worldly advantages. We must learn to count the cost. It is not easy but if we are faithful, we will reap the rewards.

Again, in the same scripture, another sort to beg for a short delay to go bury a relative before coming to follow Christ. Religion teaches us to be kind and good and to honour our parents but we must not make these an excuse for neglecting our duty to God.

No one can do any business in a proper manner, if he is attending to other things. Those who begin with the work of God must resolve to go on, or they will make nothing of it. Looking back leads to drawing back. We need to endure if we are to be faithful in our walk with the Lord.

Walking with the Lord faithfully requires self-denial, and sacrifice. Christianity is not about seeking our personal comfort. We must not desire to serve God at our own convenience. God is looking for people who will be faithful to him and follow him in righteousness. As Christians, it behooves us to turn our back to the world and count ourselves as worthy ambassadors ready to please God alone.


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