August 26, 2018
Passage: Roman 10:1-2, 14-17, Acts 26:17-18

Change is the act of making something new. Change is said to be an act or process of something been different from its original state or form. Change can be positive or negative as well as physical, spiritual etc

In this sermon, we will be looking at positive change.

-Many are perishing each and every day and as Christians, we must show concern and draw these lost souls to Christ
-A need for change because of the second coming of Christ.
-A need for change because at the end we will be accountable to our maker.

The world cannot hear the gospel if we Christians do not propagate it. We should not give excuses to deny the lost from hearing the word.


We need the Holy Spirit. We must read the word. We need to have knowledge of the word and allow the Holy Spirit to use us.

We have to be the light of the world by our practical nature of life. We need to be the change we need to see. We should acknowledge the fact that the world is sick and needs God's intervention.

The main point of Christianity is that we must portray Christ in our daily lifestyle. Regrettably, we live in a world where having sex before marriage is seen as normal in some countries and peddling lies are the order of the day.

Most people tend to justify every wrong thing they do to the extent of saying there is positive and negative lies.

All of us must play a role of propagating the word not a particular person or people as we always say. We have been tasked to bring the lost to our marker.

We cannot give what we do not have so we must be prayerful and equip ourselves because there will be challenges on the way.

Self-denial is necessary because you cannot make a disciple while you are not a disciple yourself.

In conclusion, Jesus died for our sins to save the world. Are we ready to sacrifice all that we have to save the world as Christ did?

We must have passion for souls...the souls which are perishing each and every day.


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