February 7, 2016
Passage: 2 Corinthians 3: 12-18; Luke 9:28-36; Exodus 34:39
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The Bible says that there were two people who manifested the glory of God through their physical/mortal bodies - Moses and Jesus Christ. The man Stephen, when he was being stoned, saw the glory of the Lord but it did not reflect in his mortal body.

In Exodus 34:29, it is recorded that the face of Moses shone as he returned from Mount Sinai with The tablets of The Ten Commandments. The word shone in this text means to push or to grow horns. This carries the idea of something projecting from the face of Moses. In the olden days, the name of God was so sacred among the Jews that they could not mention it. This could explain why it wasn't recorded that Moses bore the glory of GOD in his face but his face shone (projected). Paul would later in 2 Cor. 3 note that the people of Israel covered the face of Moses seeing his shining face which they could not look into, until the glory faded away. Hence, that glory was a passing one.

We also find in Luke 9 that Jesus had a similar transfiguration encounter but not only His face shone, His clothes also turned dazzling white. And most importantly, Christ's glory is excellent and permanent.

In both accounts of God's glory manifesting in mortal beings, God was giving his word to man. This leads us to the conclusion that whoever receives the word of God manifests His glory.

However, we no more dwell on the Law since its glory was veiled until it faded away. The glory of the Law gave way for the excellent and permanent glory of the word of God that is now Christ Jesus our Lord that is not veiled.

Paul concludes this by saying that we all with unveiled faces, beholding as in a glass/mirror the glory of GOD, are changed into the same image from glory to glory. In other words, he means that the word of God made alive in Christ Jesus, is a reflection of who were are and the more we look into this Word, the more are we transformed into the same reflection from glory to glory.

There are two factors that make it possible for the glory of God to shine.
1. Both Moses and Jesus Christ were caught in deep prayer as God's glory shone in their faces. Deep, personal prayer brings forth the glory of God.
2. Paul makes it clear that the Word of God is glorified and as we look into it and study it, we receive more of this glory. Becoming more glorified requires studying God's word more.

As children of God, we must seek to glorify God in every aspect of our lives. When we carry the glory, we are able to influence everything around us positively. The world around us needs our impact. Let us avail ourselves and allow the glory of The Lord to shine.

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    We Thank God Papa what a clear and brief massage God bless you.

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