June 19, 2016
Passage: Luke 8 : 22-39
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On the Almanac, today is being observed as Men's Sunday. It is also Father's Day. God has through men blessed the family is many ways. However due to the behaviors of some few, men have been antagonized and labeled as bad fathers.

But for men, many families would have fallen apart. In many families where things are not functioning well, it is because men are not playing their roles effectively. When we come to the church, the contribution of men in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana is very significant.

Today, also is being observed as the Induction Service for newly elected presbyters for a four-year tenure. The induction service is not meant for the occupation of a political office. The role of the presbyter is not like a political office. It is neither not a civil court, nor a chieftaincy institution.

The church is not your personal property, it is God's own establishment, hence you are being inducted into the shepherding ministry of our lord Jesus Christ. You have been called to come and take care of the flock of Jesus Christ. It calls for humility and the fear of God.

In Luke 8, after Jesus had finished his work preaching and showing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God, he and his twelve disciples traveled in a boat to the other side of the lake.

But as they sailed, Jesus fell asleep and there came down a storm of wind on the lake which filled the boat with water and put them in jeopardy.

The disciples out of fear, woke Jesus up and when he rose, he rebuked the wind and the raging of the water and it ceased and there was a calm.

Jesus' instructions to the storm was not a mere command. It tells you the powers of Jesus. As we induct new presbyters for the Hope Congregation, it is time to also cross over to the other side of the church's ministry.

The setup where Jesus and disciple were before the storm represented the traditional ministry. The time has come for us to move out of our comfort zone and reach out to those who are being tormented on the other side. We must begin to reflect what new forms of ministry we can pursue as a church.

It is time to leave the old ways of doing things behind and explore the ministry on the other side of the lake.

The ministry on the other side of the lake focuses on the individual than the collective. As new leaders, you will be required to visit individuals in their homes to minister to their individual needs.

The ministry on the other side of the lake focuses on restoration. On the other side of the lake, ministry focuses on true transformation.

You will encounter many challenges including sacrificing your sleep. On the other side of the lake, there are times you may have to deliberately deny your family access to you. There are times your family may even suffer because of your role as leader.

There are also spiritual oppositions. But in all these, we are assured of rewards if we do our work well.

As presbyters, I urge you be emboldened by the hymn, "A charge to keep I have". and believe and stand before The Lord.


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