October 19, 2014
Passage: Exodus 33:12-23

How can a diesel car run on petrol, this is a testimony of Charles a church member, when he was coming back from Accra one evening at the motor way where his car stopped at once and he got out of the car to see what had cause his car to stop and there came in by two guys pretending to help him, they asked him what had happen and after Charles had told them his story they both went into their car and brought a gallon of petrol knowing the car was a diesel car, pour it into the car and left Charles all by himself. He later went into his car to drive home and saw that even the problem was worse now, a taxi driver appeared and him helped him.
It also happen to him one time when he was going to Kumasi from Accra.


Moses demanded to see the face of God (Ex 33:18,21) God agreed indirectly; He put him in the cleft of a rock, His glory passed by, the rock saw the face of God Moses saw his back, Moses saw God through the rock (John 14:16).

Before Abraham was "I was God" TWO LESSONS WE NEED TO KNOW

We can only see God through his rock
We can only understand God when he has finished with his work
Why demand His presence? Moses' testimonies surpasses all, the crossing of the red sea (Ex 14:21), The mana in the desert, the burning bush. For moses ;a distinguishing factor(Ex 33:16b), for David; a winning force(Ps115:2), for peter; a dependable source(1Peter5:7). Before Peter was killed he was asleep and the brought him out, there was a reason why he slept and he said cast all your burdens/anxiety on Him because He cares. For Paul;a faithful God (1Cor 1:19). What does His presence signify these days? Fun, wealth, prestige , protection? God has not changed; we have changed, He still calls us. Our body is His temple(1Cor 6:19) not a poster. Ask yourself this honest question; WHAT DO I NEED HIS PRESENCE FOR?

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