November 20, 2016
Passage: Jeremiah 23:1-6, Colossians 1:10-14, Luke 3: 33-34
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Jesus was crucified to pay for our sins. There were five groups that reacted to His crucifixion. These are the soldiers who mocked Him, the rulers who scorned Him, the bystanders, the criminal who mocked Him and the criminal who repented.

Again, we learn that there are events that overwhelm us. These are;

  • Negligence of duty that has led to death.
  • Abortion that has led death/deformity.
  • Giving unfavourable reports that led to loss of job/contract.
  • Power struggle that has led to defamation of character.
  • Adultery that has led to divorce/separation.
  • Impatience that has led to fornication.
  • Secret acts.
  • Maltreatment that has led to depression/death.
  • Lying that has put someone into trouble.
  • Ungratefulness that has led to pain/regrets.
  • Wasted years that has led to regrets.
  • Keeping a secret that has had a negative effect on a loved one.
  • Denial of responsibility of pregnancy.
  • Disappointment that has broken someones heart.

In all these, we learn that God is merciful. He will forgive and remember you.

Action to take:
-Admit your own guilt.
-Get access to the salvation that God offers.
-Ask for forgiveness
-Live to please God.
-Avoid sin.
-Forget about the past.
-Acknowledge God as your Deliverer.

-You are redeemed and sins forgiven.
-Delivered from darkness.
-Bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

In conclusion, Jesus Christ will save you from destruction call upon Him and do not live with guilt.

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