May 4, 2014
Passage: Acts 2 : 36 – 44; 1 peter 1: 17 – 23; Luke 24: 13 – 35

Two people walking to Emmaus, discussed and the events that led to the death and resurrection of Jesus. When suddenly Jesus joined them as they discussed these things and asked them about the matter they replied: “Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem?”

A stranger in Jerusalem should have heard about Jesus because; he was a proclaimed by the people as a powerful prophet, knowledgeable in the word of scriptures  before God and all people and this was an unmistakable trait that everyone in Jerusalem should have heard about. The question we need to ask ourselves is this; are we strangers to the knowledge of Jesus in our churches?  Do we visit church but fail to recognize the power of Jesus in our lives? When the two men walking to Emmaus finally reached their destination and Jesus attempted to go on his way they begged him to stay with them, why is that? We need Jesus to stay with us at the “evening” of our lives as our hymn goes

“Master stay with us, your teachings has brought us peace and so stay with us”  

Surely the teachings of Jesus must have brought the two men peace and enlightenment in their understanding as they debated on their way to Emmaus the events surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus. Imagine their joy when they finally recognized Jesus! You Need Christ in the “Evening” of your life.

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