September 7, 2014
Passage: Ezekiel 33:1-9 Mat. 18:15-20

In Ezekiel, we learn that God instructs Ezekiel to tell the people to restrain from their sins lest they perish. God also told Ezekiel to make sure he speaks to his countrymen, else he would be accountable for their blood.
Now the question is, why would the blood of another person be on Ezekiel's head? God was proving a point; being one another's keeper. And only love makes this achievable.
Matthew talks about the same concept. That is,loving one another and being one another's keeper. It comes with a greater task, which is in itself a very difficult one for many believers. Approaching the person who has offended you, in order to make sure any grudge between you is settled. Note: You ARE NOT the offender. But you are to go to the one whom you've been offended by, and MAKE SURE there is peace. Jesus gives various steps to follow, even after the offender pays no heed. He finally tells us to treat that person as we would treat a pagan or a tax collector.
In saying this, He did not mean you should give up trying, He meant you should treat that person just as He would treat a pagan or a tax collector; with love.
Love is obligatory. We do not have a choice but to love. It involves sacrifice. Christ is the perfect example of sacrificial love.Love is unconditional. Love is powerful. Love is not based on what would be gained from the other. Love strives in the good and bad.
Love involves sacrificing for the unbeliever in order for him or her to be saved.

Beloved, May God open our eyes to see all those perishing due to lack of love. May He give us the strength to love others just as He loves us; sincerely, unconditionally and with total sacrifice. Halleluyah!

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