May 17, 2020
Passage: John 14:15-21
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In today’s reading, Jesus is almost at the end of his mission on earth and has promised to ask the Father to send to his disciples the Spirit of the Truth, who will be with them forever. This is also His promise to us, this promise was fulfilled on the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit, who is the spirit of Truth descended on the disciples.

In His absence, Jesus still desires to manifest himself to us and through us by His Spirit. He desired to give us of His spirit so that we can manifest his truth through his spirit. It is important to remember that not everyone can receive this Spirit of Truth; the world cannot receive Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows him. Only those who are born of His Spirit can receive Him. Because they see Him and know Him. The spirit of Truth tells us the truth about God, the truth about us, as humans, and the truth concerning the world.

So, in what ways does the Spirit of Truth manifest Himself In our lives? We shall consider some of the ways through which the spirit manifests Himself in our lives:

Firstly, the Spirit sets us free from the power of darkness and bondage of our past. Before we knew Christ and were born of His Spirit, we were in darkness, subject to the principalities, and the powers of darkness. We were slaves to sin and satan, without hope, without God and subject to fear. But by the power of the blood of Jesus, He has set us free and conveyed us into the kingdom of His dear son Christ Jesus (Colossians 1;13). It is the spirit of truth who reveals this truth to us, and assures us of our new state as children of God. When we know this truth, we shall be free indeed. He also bears witness with our spirit that indeed we are the children of God and no longer slaves to sin and to Satan.

I declare to you, beloved that if you have truly experienced the new birth and are in Christ, then you are no longer under any bondage, for you have been conveyed from darkness into the Light- this is the absolute truth of the Gospel and this truth is liberating!- regardless of what any prophet will tell you, if you have been set free by the Truth then you are free indeed ( John 8;32).
Secondly, the Spirit assures us that God is with us always, even in our weakest and worse moments
Beloved, the enemy and your circumstances will make you question “Is God really with me”? They will whisper to you that God has forsaken you. You may be asking yourself questions, “if God is really with me, why is this happening to me” The world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic, as scientist are yet to fully understand and know what to do. Economies are affected, and many are losing their jobs. Even children have noticed that things have changed because they are no longer going to school. You have more questions than the world and experts can answer. Your children are asking you questions that you cannot answer, and you are asking the government questions that they cannot answer. You may have lost loved ones abroad, or here in Ghana, due to COVID-19 or other causes, and your question is like Gideon who said’ If God is with us, why has all things befallen us? Or you are like Naomi who when she returned from her journey having lost everything, said “Do not call me Naomi, but call me Marah(meaning bitter) for I left full, but now I have come empty-handed”

Remember Jesus stated from our reading that” I will not leave you orphans”, and “because I live, you shall live also”. And He said to his disciples in Matthew 28:30; “Lo, I am with you always till the end of the age.” The spirit of truth assures that God is with us always. Beloved this is the truth, and it surpasses every circumstance or situation in our lives.

Thirdly, the spirit of truth helps us to detect and overcome the Lies of Satan. We are here on earth, dealing with an enemy who is a trickster and a liar!. He makes us doubt God’s love for us, and his ability to take care of us. He makes us doubt whether God does listen to our prayers and if he will do anything about our concerns. We are in the midst of the enemy and his prophet who speak lies, tells us false prophecies, and instils fear into Christians meant to make us timid and to woo us back into bondage and other territories. Satan is the father of lies, and he deceives the whole world with his lies.

His greatest ability is not his power, because Jesus has dispossessed him of power, rather his greatest power is his ability to deceive with his lies.

The spirit of Truth is important to us so that we are not deceived by the lies of Satan.
Again, the Spirit of Truth helps us in Spiritual warfare. Paul admonishes us to use the TRUTH as a belt in our spiritual warfare against Satan. The spirit of truth always reveals the truth in God’s word to us; from which we can stand grounded in Him to fight the unseen battles against Satan and his agents(Ephesians 6:14).

So with the ways in which the Spirit manifests Himself in our lives, How do we get to know him as Christians?
Lastly, we get to know him by spending time in the Word. We will get to know him by spending time in His word! In his word, we meet him, and know his thoughts and mindset. We get to know the truths he reveals the truth behind his word. If we build our relationships with Him, we will hear him as he reveals His truth to us. A baby can tell the mothers voice out of a 1000 voices, because the baby has spent time with the mother and know the mother!. We can only know and see the Spirit of Truth, only when we have been born of His spirit and spend time with Him.

Beloved, only those born of the spirit can receive the spirit of truth. It is an unclear world, full of deception and lies, and if you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and savior. This is the opportunity to receive Him. You need a guide, you need a savior and you need the spirit of truth to help you navigate these waters.


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